The Guest House

Gracefully standing on land once owned by Douglas County's founding father, Aaron Rose, the Guest House offers historic Bed and Breakfast accommodations. The Guest House, of Gothic Revival style, was built in 1882 and is Roseburg's only Bed and Breakfast on the National Historical Register.

The Howell family came to Roseburg in 1884 and bought the house in 1885. The house stayed in the family until 1987 when John and Vicky Hokanson purchased it. The home had been vacant for over ten years and had been vandalized repeatedly. Restoration work began immediately, starting with pier supports and foundation work, and continuing into every aspect. The majority of the restoration was completed by 1991.

Guests are welcomed into the front parlor and also have access to a cozy sitting room on the second floor, between the two bed and breakfast rooms. The two rooms on the north end of the house are named after Martin Ryerson and Mary Ann Pulis Howell's daughters' Marietta and Frances. A smaller room off of the south landing was historically used as the maid's quarters, and is presently used as an overflow guest room.

Each room has a private bath. The baths each feature a claw foot tub and bubble bath and scented cubes for your soaking pleasure.

Hail Guest

We ask not what thou art
If friend,

we greet thee hand and heart;
If stranger,

such no longer be,
If foe,

our love shall conquer thee.

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